Artistic (experimental) approach

I work on memory, resilience, cognition and emotions.

It is a question, by a specific work on the image, especially on the color and its interpretation, to send a stimuli to the viewer, who takes the image for him, appropriates it and in a way, completes the image. story.

I have three creative directions:

  • Optical art, in particularly the notion of afterimages and chromatic game.
  • Non-figurative, inspired by the grammar of lyrical abstraction and codes of simple shapes and symbolic colors.
  • Semiology, with work on the sign and writing. A work that once again combines color and its aesthetic resonance.

I often include curves or mathematical formulas in my images, thus highlighting the ambivalence between materialism and emotion.

Passionate about photography, I use all of its techniques, both post-production and print media. I like his simplicity and his direct speech.

I use either my own shots or images on glass plates, copyright-free (portraits, family photos, handwritten letters) dating from the XIX-XXth century, which I scan and rework in chromatic contrast, allowing a game optical and requiring increased observation of the image.

So, I push the viewer to take an emotional and introspective journey

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