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 Jean-Philippe Deugnier :

“Art doesn’t reproduce the visible, it makes visible”

Paul Klee, « Theory of Modern Art »

The Franco-German artist Jean-Philippe Deugnier, who draws his inspiration from the Bauhaus, the Support-Surface movement, Edward Hopper and Vilhelm HammershØi, was an amateur for 25 years then turned professional after having worked for several years for the radiopharmaceuticals industry.

Her work focuses on memory, resilience, cognition and emotions.

He creates multifaceted, multi-discursive and evolving works that oscillate between art and science.

His favorite themes were initially drawn from architecture, but over the years he shifted to portraiture, non-figurative subjects and semiology.

He often includes curves and mathematical formulas in his images to emphasize the ambivalent nature of the relationship between materiality and emotion.

He uses either his own clichés or images on glass plates, embracing simultaneous, successive or mixed color contrasts, image retention, intensifications, fades or interactions of colors, as well as unexpected readings that can occur.

He uses high-quality industrial printing media, selected for their physical and optical properties, to create works that play with light and thus offer a perceptual experience of immersion in the image, an exploration of the idea of vision.

In his lenticular works, he combines between 2 and 8 images, in contrasting colors, so that both a single and multiple image emerges.

The spectator’s movement in front of the image will create an alternation between one and the other, between one interpretation of the subject and another.

The images alternately reveal and conceal certain details, changing from a dominant color to its complementary color.

He also uses brushed aluminum, foil and Etchin paper or the piezography prints.

He also does optical glass sculpture, and works on sandblasting and glass melting techniques.

He is the co-founder and theorist of the OPTICO-NARRATIVE movement, with his work on optical art and kinetics .

Represented by :

  • Galerie Mhaata (Bruxelles)
  • Galerie Artkhein (Paris)

Collections et art in public space :

  • 2015      Entreprise AWW Wütoschingen (Allemagne)
  • 2015      Entreprise Röchling Stiftung Gmbh Mannheim (Allemagne)
  • 2016      Entreprise Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Cà.KG Haren (Allemagne)
  • 2016      Collection privée Frankfurt am Main (Allemagne)
  • 2018      Collection privée Lucka (Allemagne)
  • 2018      Collection privée Berlin (Allemagne)
  • 2021      Kiev National Art Gallery (Musée national) entrée dans les collections permanentes (Ukraine)
  • 2021      Moscow Museum Of Modern Art (Musée national) (Russia)

Nous contacter

   +33 6 15 42 03 05

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